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RF Power Device Engineer

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Full Time

About the Role

The RF power device engineer will take responsibility for various tasks related to the physical design, modeling and characterization of RF power devices, mostly GaN-based transistors, in close working with technology and design experts. The aim is that of developing state of the art GalliumSemi devices suitable for various application domains.

It is the RF power device engineer’s responsibility to:

• Implement the physical design (layout) of transistors populating multi- and single-project wafers in close cooperation with RF designers.

• Be accountable for the thermal assessment of RF dies and discrete components by means of simulations validated against thermal measurements.

• Contribute to the electro-thermal modeling of transistors. This task entails the electrical characterization of the designed parts, and the generation and validation of their corresponding compact models.


  • A university degree (MSc or PhD) in Electrical Engineering or equivalent with strong academic foundation on radio frequency fundamentals.

  • Deep knowledge of the working principles of GaN-based transistors.

  • 5 to 10 years of professional experience in RF engineering of GaN devices is a premium.

  • Experience in physical design of RF power transistors. Working knowledge of layout andsimulation tools such as Keysight ADS suite or equivalent.

  • Familiarity with thermal simulation software such as ANSYS, SYMMIC or equivalent. Willingnessto learn is required in case of lack of experience with thermal simulations.

  • Some experience with DC and RF characterization techniques (pulsed IV, s-par, load-pull).

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to interact with multicultural colleagues.

  • Curiosity and determination to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish unfamiliar tasks.

  • Desire to be part of a winning team with no nine-to-five mentality.

  • Proficient in English language.

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