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Product Information

20W GAN HEMT, 50V, DC – 7.0GHz, Die

Operating Frequency Range: DC to 7.0GHz

Maximum Output Power (PSAT): 30W

Operating Drain Voltage: +50V

Maximum Drain Efficiency: 64%

Efficiency-Tuned P3dB Gain: 18 dB

Bare die shipped in Gel-Pak containers


The GD020 is a 30W (P3dB) unmatched discrete GaN-on-SiC HEMT which operates from DC to 7.0GHz on a 50V supply rail. The wide bandwidth of the GD020 makes it suitable for a variety of applications including cellular infrastructure, radar, communications, and test instrumentation, and can support both CW and pulsed mode of operations.
Bare die are shipped in Gel-Pak containers for safe transport and storage.

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