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Product Information


Operating Frequency Range: 3.1 - 3.5 GHz

Maximum Output Power (PSAT): 125W

Operating Drain Voltage: 50V

Air Cavity Plastic Package (ACP)

Suitable for Pulsed applications

100% DC & RF Production Tested


The GTH2r-3135125S is a 125W (P3dB) pre-matched discrete GaN-on-SiC HEMT which operates
from 3.1 to 3.5 GHz on a 50V supply rail. The wide bandwidth of the GTH2r-3135125S makes it
suitable for radar, avionics, satellite communications and pulse operations.
The device is housed in an industry-standard ACP-462 2L Air Cavity Plastic package. Lead-free and
RoHS compliant.

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